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$1-million gift from Gordon and Jill Rawlinson and Rawlco Radio

November 16, 2017 | All stories »


The new PotashCorp children’s discovery museum announced today a major gift from Gordon and Jill Rawlinson and Rawlco Radio. In recognition of the gift, the PotashCorp children’s discovery museum has named a prominent exhibit in the main gallery “C95 Toon Town”.

This donation is a part of the capital campaign for the new PotashCorp children’s discovery museum. The Main Gallery and C95 Toon Town are the first stop for Museum visitors and an integral part of the fun families will experience in the new museum.

C95 Toon Town will spark children’s creativity and engage them in open-ended discovery play.  There will be numerous opportunities for play as children make connections between the real world and the role models in their lives.  The design of C95 Toon Town includes movable carts, props and building facades that can represent what Saskatoon once was, what it has become today and allows for children to even plan what the future could look like.  This flexibility will encourage children to experience different professions and dream big. As an example, they can dress up as a doctor and play in front of a physician themed facade.

Executive Director of the new PotashCorp children’s discovery museum, Amanda McReynolds Doran, thanked the Rawlinsons for their gift. “The new PotashCorp children’s discovery museum is so thankful to have the support of Gordon and Jill as well as Rawlco Radio. With their support, C95 Toon Town will be a flexible exhibit where all children will be able to collaborate and experience hands on activities in theatrical productions and a variety of programs in art, engineering and music.”

“We are proud to own and operate C95, Rock 102 and 650 CKOM for almost 35 years,” said Gordon Rawlinson. “The new PotashCorp children’s discovery museum is a world-class facility, and we are thrilled that our donation is helping create the C95 Toon Town exhibit where families will come together to create memories.”

KidApproved Capital Campaign Chair, Robin Chapman added. “Now is the time to present this amazing gift. The opportunity has arrived, it is not “if” there will be a children’s museum but “when”. Let’s build a legacy for our children, our community and province.”