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Thank you North Prairie Developments Ltd. for your generous donation of $100,000!

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July 13, 2018

North Prairie Developments has been in business in Saskatoon for over 30 years. This local, family owned and operated development company has a mission to always provide their customers with an innovative, quality product which they would be equally proud of as the customer. This commitment to the residents of Saskatchewan is also reflected in their belief in giving back to the communities they serve through charitable contributions and philanthropic work. “At North Prairie, giving back to the communities and the people who have supported us over the years is one of our top priorities – it’s part of our company culture,” says Andrew Williams.

Recently, North Prairie Developments donated $100,000 to the Kid Approved Capital Campaign for the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum. The Create Space Workshop within the museum was an area that was a natural fit for the company to support. This permanent exhibit located in the lower level as part of the larger Create Space Exhibit, is designed for collaboration as well as for individual and facilitated learning. As a highly changeable gallery for creators and makers, Create Space will contain bright task-focused areas joined by shared work stations. The Workshop area will be a secure space filled with more advanced tools and operations including drilling, soldering and sanding. It will even feature a 3D printer!

“The Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum is an integral part of our community as it provides children with a place of imagination, inspiration, creativity and most importantly – fun!”, says Andrew. By allowing children to express their creativity by using tools they would not normally have access to, the Create Space Workshop encourages children to not only share their experiences from the world around them but be curious about new ways to learn and grow. The Williams family can’t wait to see the look of wonder on the children’s faces as they use the tools in the Create Space Workshop to bring their ideas to life.

As the Kid Approved Capital Campaign prepares to close this fall, the team at North Prairie hope that their gift will inspire other companies to support the project and get the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum over the finish line. They want everyone to know that large or small, every contribution to the museum makes an impact. When the doors open in Spring 2019, the museum will be a centre for child and family learning that is a vibrant and welcoming hub for all. North Prairie Developments is so proud to be a part of this vision of fostering curiosity, creativity and a lifelong love of learning in the children of Saskatchewan.