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A note from our Executive Director

October 4, 2017 | All stories »

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We have reached a milestone that deserves recognition and celebration. We have begun the renovations to the Mendel building. That’s right, our shared dream is now taking shape! On September 28, many of our board members, campaign committee members, donors, and elected officials gathered to hold a ceremonial ground breaking. We were very pleased to have Elder Roland Duquette open our celebration with a blessing. Mayor Charlie Clark, Rhonda Speiss from PotashCorp, Derek Kindrachuk of Kindrachuk Agrey Architects, and our own Board Member Carla Loney-Tindall all spoke to the importance of this project for the children of our community and our province.

So, as you pass the Mendel building in the coming months, you will see the signs of a building being transformed. I hope that when you pass by you can picture the smiling faces of children and families that will come together in our children’s museum. And I hope that you will share the news of our progress with those you love, bringing even more community members into our family of supporters.

It was an incredible honour to have such respected community members there to lead our  celebration, and to have many more such community members in attendance celebrating the progress that we have made. However, the greatest joy for all in attendance was seeing the children who joined us that night playing in what will soon be their space. Their laughter and excitement was contagious. Their joyful sounds rose above us as a reminder, a promise of the energy that will soon fill the beloved Mendel building on a daily basis. Thank you for your continued support!