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Thank You Art and Janet Postle For Your $100,000 Donation

March 28, 2017 | All stories »


Art and Janet Postle have a long history of supporting the Saskatoon community; from their long-standing involvement with the Rotary Club, to the Meewasin Valley Authority, St. Paul’s Hospital, Queen’s House Retreat and Renewal Centre and Child and Youth Friendly Saskatoon, to name a few.

Most recently the couple added the new PotashCorp children’s museum.

It was the couple’s interest in Meewasin that motivated them to learn more about plans to transform the iconic Mendel building into a children’s museum. After all, the Mendel backs onto their beloved Meewasin trail. “We thought that’s something our children and grandchildren and all children would really benefit from,” says Janet. “With my career, inclusion, diversity, all of those things became very important and that’s how we got involved in different things in the community,” Janet is a retired special education teacher. Art left his post as CEO of Federated Co-op in 2010. They each have a son and a daughter and between them they have 5 grandchildren, ranging in age from 2 ½ years to 14 years. Some of the grandkids have visited the existing children’s museum, which currently operates out of a small storefront in Market Mall. “Josh, our 6-year-old grandson has more of that scientific, exploratory mind,” says Janet. “He has outgrown in some way the existing museum. It’s still great for providing what it provides but I think that we need something that will take it to the next level and also provide for more diverse interests in children.”

When the $10 million dollar “Kid Approved” Capital Campaign was launched in 2015, the Postles were quick to step up with a generous gift of $100,000. “If you aren’t committed, if you don’t believe enough in what you are asking others to support, then you shouldn’t be involved,” says Janet. Art adds another perspective. “I guess it’s giving back to a community that has given us a lot,” says Art.

But their involvement didn’t end with the writing of the cheque. Janet also got involved at the board level. “It’s engagement. It’s involvement. It’s relationships that make it fun, and make it worthwhile,” says Janet. “The number of good people we have met along the way; it’s because of our involvements. We have benefitted greatly. Our lives have been enriched as a result.” With the “Kid Approved” Capital Campaign getting so close to reaching its $10 million dollar goal, Art and Janet feel encouraged others will see the value in a new children’s museum too and do what they can to put the campaign over the top. “The greatness of this community is dependent on all of us being a part of it and sharing to the level that we can comfortably share,” says Art. “If that’s $100 dollars, that’s $100 dollars. If that’s $100,000 dollars, that’s $100,000 dollars. The fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter whether it’s great or small. It’s all part of contributing to a wonderful community and another piece of the fabric of Saskatoon that fits in with all the other things.”

A piece of the fabric that will see Art and Janet’s grandchildren and, twenty years from now, their grandchildren’s children taking a stroll down the Meewasin to visit the PotashCorp Children’s Museum.