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Thank you Carla Loney-Tindall and Joe Tindall

May 27, 2017 | All stories »


Carla Loney-Tindall and her husband Joe Tindall are former Albertans who have proudly called Saskatoon home since 1995. They have raised two children here; their son Corbin (27) and daughter Alexis (25). The couple is now at a stage in their lives where they can focus on their bucket list. For Carla, she has the freedom to pursue projects that speak to her. Given her many years working for non-profits, she was lead to the capital campaign leadership team pursuing the transformation of the iconic Mendel Building into the new PotashCorp Children’s Discovery Museum.

“When I heard about the children’s museum I knew this was a winning project for our community and I wanted to be a part of it,” says Carla. “I was inspired by the opportunity to help build a unique place where hundreds of thousands of children will celebrate play, learning and creativity.”

She also loved the idea of repurposing the Mendel.

“I love the world class exhibits that are being planned throughout the museum,” says Carla. “The Discovery Mine and the Climber are absolutely incredible but so too is Toon Town, Little Bridges, Boxes of Fun, and Create Space. I can’t decide which areas I like more because it is all so amazing.”

Carla has taken her involvement one step further. Last fall she joined the Children’s Discovery Museum Board. More recently she and Joe became donors.

“Ever since we first heard about it I thought it was a fairly worthy cause,” says Joe. “It’s a project that is going to impact families in Saskatoon very positively. We get a lot of cold weather here and if you can take your kids somewhere for half a day, two or three times a year, it’s going to be pretty darn big.”

The couple has supported many important causes over the years, but their gift to the new PotashCorp children’s museum has been their largest to date. They have pledged $100,000 over five years. They strongly believe the new children’s museum will be the catalyst for sparking that desire to learn in kids of all ages and from all economic backgrounds.

“Kids are key to the future of this province, this country, and our world for that matter,” says Joe. “The children’s museum will be a launching point for really great hands-on learning opportunities.”

With the Kid Approved Capital Campaign on track to reaching its $10 million dollar goal, Carla and Joe are hopeful their story will spark that philanthropic spirit in others. They also want people to see that contributing to the new PotashCorp Children’s Discovery Museum is a great investment in our city and in our children.