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Thank you Malcolm and Marilyn Leggett for your generous donation of $200,000!

January 18, 2019 | All stories »

Leggett photo


Malcolm Leggett co-founded NuSalt Corporation in 1988 by focusing on three guiding principals: Commitment, Control and Communication.  The company now known as NSC Minerals still honors his motto of “the customer’s requirements and goals are the company’s challenges and commitments” on their website.  Currently happily retired, Malcolm enjoys spending more time with his wife Marilyn and their extended family.

Recently the Leggett’s donated $200,000 to the Kid Approved Capital Campaign for the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum.  The Discovery Mine was an area that specifically spoke to them.  This immersive exhibit allows for children to have the full mining experience including using machines and vehicles to figure out various mining challenges. This unique glimpse into the world of mining, especially the many bi-products produced such as salt, in an educational and creative scenario is something that resonated with both Malcolm and Marilyn.

“We are committed to supporting and growing young people as they journey through their lives. The Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum is an ideal project that fits into our philosophy of how to challenge, enhance and expose young people to life,” says Malcolm and Marilyn.

Marilyn and Malcolm are so excited that families will come together to reconnect and experience new things in the museum.  The iconic Mendel building, with its long legacy of art and culture, is the perfect home for the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum and it’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) learning principles.

“This project will give a new life to the Mendel Gallery Building that has served this city for many years, it will also continue to secure and help develop and rejuvenate the areas surrounding the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum,” shares Malcolm.

As the Kid Approved Capital Campaign nears it’s completion, Marilyn and Malcolm are so pleased that the community has come together to support the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum. This will be a place where the children of Saskatchewan will have the opportunity to dream bigger than they thought possible and show us who they will become.  Every donation, large or small, makes an impact that will help to get the doors open in 2019.

Thank you Malcolm and Marilyn Leggett for your generous donation of $200,000!