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Thank you Co-Op Community Spaces for your generous donation of $150,000!

July 13, 2018 | All stories »



Co-op Community Spaces has been developed to help protect, beautify and improve spaces across Western Canada. In keeping with their ongoing commitment to invest in the communities they serve, in 2018 Co-op has contributed $2 million to help support projects that improve the places Canadians meet, play, learn and share. This brings their total investment to $6.5 million since the start of the program in 2015.

The Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum is so honored to have been chosen at a recipient for this year. The $150,000 gift will be recognized in the Create Space Workshop. With Co-Op’s vision to enjoy the spaces that bring us together, the Create Space Workshop within the museum was a natural fit. This permanent exhibit located in the lower level as part of the larger Create Space Exhibit, is designed for collaboration as well as for individual and facilitated learning. By allowing them to express their creativity, through the use of tools they would not normally have access to, children are encouraged to not only share their experiences from the world around them but be curious about new ways to learn and grow. In the entire museum, but especially the Create Space Workshop, kids will have the chance to show us who they are going to be.

To watch the entire gift announcement, please visit the Saskatoon Co-Op Facebook page here.

As the Kid Approved Capital Campaign prepares to close this fall, Co-Op Community Spaces hopes that this investment will be a catalyst for other community members to support the project and get the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum over the finish line. The imprint that everyone’s support will leave on the children of Saskatchewan will be long lasting. Thanks to supporters like Co-Op Community Spaces, the children of Saskatchewan will have a space to come together and dream big. The Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum can’t wait to open the doors in Spring 2019 and invite the children of Saskatchewan in.