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Thank You Orano Canada!

February 15, 2019 | All stories »

Nutrien Wonderhub would like to thank our donors


Orano Canada is a leading producer of uranium concentrate at its McClean Lake operation in northern Saskatchewan. Orano has been exploring, mining and milling uranium in Canada for 55 years. The company employs over 450 people in Saskatchewan, including about 130 in Saskatoon. As a sustainable uranium miner, Orano is committed to safety, environmental protection and contributing to neighbouring communities.

Nutrien Wonderhub is honored to receive Orano’s support to the Kid Approved Capital Campaign. With their direct connection to the North, the Northern Lights Exhibit really spoke to Orano’s vision of acknowledging the natural beauty and culture of our province. Located in the Main Gallery, Northern Lights honours Saskatchewan’s signature skies with an interactive exhibit where colors shift in response to the children’s movements. Children are able to control how the lights cascade across the Main Gallery in a beautiful way that brings together science and art.


“We wanted to contribute to this new facility in Saskatoon, and the Northern Lights Exhibit was a perfect fit to acknowledge our company’s connection to northern Saskatchewan while providing a fun and innovative way for children and the young at heart to express their creativity,” explains Vincent Martin, President and CEO.

Orano’s gift will help give the children of Saskatchewan opportunities to learn in new ways through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) learning principals. The iconic Mendel building, with its long legacy of inspiring youth, is the perfect home for Nutrien Wonderhub.

“At Orano, science, technology, engineering and math are part of our everyday work, so being part of Nutrien Wonderhub is a natural fit as it fosters the interest of children for STEAM. These children may be our future workforce but for now we’re just happy to contribute to a fun facility to nurture their creative and innovative spirit,” adds Vincent Martin.

As the Kid Approved Capital Campaign nears its completion, Orano is thrilled to see the way that the community has come together to support Nutrien Wonderhub. It will be a place of discovery, imagination and exploration. This is where the children of Saskatchewan will let their dreams soar. Every donation, large or small, makes an impact that will help to get the doors open in 2019.

Thank you Orano for your generous donation!