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Thank You Prairie Machine for your generous donation of $150,000!

August 10, 2018 | All stories »

Prairie Machine is a leader in the manufacture of heavy machinery
and equipment for the mining industry. They design and build the
heavy boring machines that mine Saskatchewan potash and the
battery powered electric trucks that transport people and equipment
in all mining environments. After 40 plus years, Prairie Machine
has become a local success story and are proud to call Saskatoon
their home.

Prairie Machine has donated $150,000 to the Kid Approved Capital
Campaign for the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum. With their
strong connection to the mining industry, the management team
was inspired by the Discovery Mine Exhibit. They see this Exhibit as
an opportunity for kids to learn more about the world of mining and
how it benefits our local community.

“When first approached by the Children’s Discovery Museum, we
understood what an amazing project this was for our city. It was also
an opportunity for our company to contribute to a meaningful and
far-reaching project. With Nutrien as the title sponsor we are honored
to play a part in this endeavor. It feels great to support something
that will have a positive impact on so many in the community,” says
Kipp Sakundiak, General Manager at Prairie Machine.

The Discovery Mine is an immersive mining experience where
machines and vehicles are kid-powered and kid-sized. In the
Discovery Mine, kids work together to figure out various mining
challenges. It provides opportunities to roleplay numerous mining
occupations like machine operator, mechanic, geologist, engineer
and more. Prairie Machine is not only contributing financially to this
project but will also provide the museum with a kid-sized
version of the electric vehicle for the Motor Pool.

“I’m proud to be associated with a project that will no doubt enrich
our community. For a lot of us in Saskatchewan, mining is what
supports our families and to have an opportunity to learn more about
this industry is important. As a father I feel fortunate that I’m involved
with the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum. Not only will my own
children benefit from this project, but many other children as well.
This will be a world class venue that will be enjoyed for many years,“
shares Todd Malcolm, Production Manager at Prairie Machine.

As the Kid Approved Capital Campaign completes this fall, the team
at Prairie Machine invites others in the community to do what they
can to get the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum over the finish
line. Every donation, large or small, has an impact and will help open
the doors in the Spring of 2019.

“From the Management and Staff at Prairie Machine, we are
thankful that we are able to contribute to this amazing project.
The Museum will be focal point in our community and a place
that will spark our children’s imagination and have a positive
influence on their future development,” says Kipp.