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Thank you Strata Development Corporation

December 1, 2017 | All stories »

Strata kids

Locally owned, Strata Development Corporation has been serving the Saskatoon Community since 2010.  Their impressive project portfolio illustrates a new legacy of work in design and construction management. When the opportunity to submit a proposal for Construction Management services for the Children’s Discovery Museum came up in 2016, Chris Popplewell couldn’t wait to jump on board.  Chris had recently returned from a visit to the Boston Children’s Museum with his son River, age 5 at the time, and came home full of excitement.

“My son and I had gone for a quick weekend trip to spend some time together, take in a Bruins hockey game and relax.  We were looking for another activity to do while we were in Boston and stumbled across the Boston Children’s Museum.  River absolutely loved the exhibits and to my surprise, I really enjoyed my day there and was blown away at the quality of the entire facility and the exhibits,” says Chris.  “When I returned home, I was telling my wife how amazing it would be to have something of that quality here in Saskatoon for our children.  As a business person, I was also scheming the incredible tourism opportunities that a facility like this would bring to our city.”

When the Request for Proposal for Construction Managers came out, the prospect of being a part of this project inspired the entire team at Strata.  “My business partner and I both had young families and we really wanted to be a part of this legacy project,” says Chris.

They felt like the underdog when they went into the proposal presentations, but their passion and energy was evident to the entire panel.  They went through several rounds of interviews, but by the time they emerged as the Construction Managers, the whole Strata Team was thrilled and filled with pride. Chris had always felt strongly that the company should be giving back to the local community they worked in, but hadn’t yet found the right fit that would unite the staff.  As soon as he shared this opportunity with the staff, and saw their responses, he knew he had found the place in the Children’s Discovery Museum.

“My team really loves their jobs and this community, but they love their families even more,” says Chris.  “The idea that we could be a part of this world class facility for our kids and grandkids to be able to enjoy was overwhelming.”

Chris announced to the staff that Strata would be making their first large philanthropic gift to the Children’s Discovery Museum and that it would total more than $110,000.

“The fact that our small company could make an impact of this size was exciting.,” says Chris.  “All of our kids teach us something every day, and my son River still talks about the experience we shared in Boston, so the fact that Strata is able to be a part of helping other kids make those memories here in Saskatoon is so exciting!”

With the Kid Approved Campaign on track to reaching its $15 million-dollar goal, Chris is hopeful that Strata’s gift will spark something in other companies and individuals.  He wants everyone to know that large or small, every contribution to the new PotashCorp Children’s Discovery Museum is more than a donation, it really is an investment in creativity, curiosity and all our kids’ futures!